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CAS Complete Reference Set

Purchasing, Expediting, Material Control, Auditing, Estimating, Contractor Administration, Safety Checklists, Safety Plans, Agreement Templates, and more.

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Purchasing & Expediting

Got a gigantic pile of requisitions on your desk and your phone won’t quit ringing? Did you just find out that a major expansion project is about to kick off and you get to buy all the extra “stuff” in your spare time?

We save you time and money by quickly providing new forms, templates, and checklists outlining the basic requirements of many bidding, evaluating, purchasing, tracking, expediting, and closeout processes.

Starting with basic and proven fundamental necessities already formatted to fit the task at hand is the easiest, most efficient solution to save you time. This allows the fundamentals to be quickly completed or delegated, saving time for discovering alternative purchasing opportunities that benefit the overall “bottom-line”.

Activities such as; auditing current purchasing policies and procedures, developing new procurement policy and procedure manuals, assembling capital materials and major equipment bid packages, finding and qualifying potential bidders, issuing inquiry packages, evaluating bids and proposals, negotiating final pricing, awarding and executing purchase orders, tracking vendor data, expediting and closing out orders can be completed easier and faster when the requirements and processes are clearly defined.

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