Quality Assurance & Quality Control Manuals and Checklists, Excel Construction Estimating and Invoicing Templates, Purchasing & Contracting Policy & Procedures Manuals, Purchase Orders, Contract Documents, Terms, Contractor Site Safety Policies & Manuals and more.

CAS Complete Reference Set

Purchasing, Expediting, Material Control, Auditing, Estimating, Contractor Administration, Safety Checklists, Safety Plans, Agreement Templates, and more.
Purchase a Complete Reference Set & SAVE!!

CAS Complete Reference Set

Purchasing, Expediting, Material Control, Auditing, Estimating, Contractor Administration, Safety Checklists, Safety Plans, Agreement Templates, and more.
Purchase a Complete Reference Set & SAVE!!

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These documents and templates are not standards or regulations, and they create no new legal obligations between CAS and any other individual or organization. The material is advisory in nature, informational in content, and is intended to assist employers in providing a safe and healthful workplace for their workers and others in their work areas. This condition can only be obtained through effective prevention programs adapted to the needs and resources of each work place. Every aspect of all activities and processes contained in these documents must be evaluated for its relevance.

The Occupational Safety and Health Act requires employers to comply with hazard-specific safety and health standards as issued and enforced by either the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), or an OSHA-approved State Plan. In addition, employers must provide their employees with a workplace free from recognized hazards likely to cause death or serious physical harm under Section 5(a)(1), the General Duty Clause of the Act. Employers can be cited for violating the General Duty Clause if there is a recognized hazard and they do not take steps to prevent or abate the hazard. However, failure to implement these guidelines is not, in itself, a violation of the General Duty Clause.

These products are not intended to provide legal advice or substitute for the advice of safety professionals or attorneys.

The products and information contained herein are intended to be used by the purchaser for their benefit only.

Competent parties should review all documents to ensure that all regulatory and legal requirements are addressed. Consultation with an attorney or others with relevant expert advice is highly recommended.

OSHA Links in some templates are provided for the convenience and are constantly changing.

If a link is no longer valid, go to www.osha.gov and search for the topic needed.

The OSHA Links go to some of the regulations, opinions and rulings that relate to the topic being reviewed.

Verifying that the manual includes what is required for each unique situation is the responsibility of the organization issuing the document.

When researching OSHA links be sure to review all related documents for the latest rulings related to the topic. The document templates are general and not guaranteed to comply with standards that are constantly being

updated by OSHA and other regulatory agencies.

Use of the products constitutes acceptance of these terms.

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